No, really — who or what are you complaining about?

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The media apparently blamed for everything in the world — especially when things go wrong. When COVID19 started to arrive on America’s shores, many people freaked out and bought loads of toilet paper. Skeptics scoffed at their panic, and said the go-to line on who to blame.

“It’s all the media’s fault.”

“Blame the media.”

Again and again, the media is seen as public enemy #1 and the source of all things wrong in our world.

But the problem here is, what media are critics really talking about?

After all, there’s so many divisions in the media world, and if…

We are over-using this word

Back in the fall of 2016, when I was in my second semester as an English adjunct professor, I was explaining to my freshmen composition students their latest assignment. They were to write an essay in response to an assigned reading I gave, basically, a critical thinking essay. As I was explaining what they all had to do for this essay and what the requirements were, I noticed a few of them looked nervous. I wondered if it was because they were unsure on how to do this assignment.

But when I asked if anyone…

Which is Which?

Complaints about the news media* are common these days (henceforth known as the media, as commonly called). To be precise, the complaints are often geared towards the MSM — mainstream media.

Apparently, the term “mainstream media” refers to left-leaning news organizations, usually CNN and MSNBC. But does that really mean that those news organizations are mainstream? Especially given the ratings FOX News gets?

Back to the old dictionary we go…(I know I may seem snooty here by work digging up the dictionary, but language and words have deep roots).


A global anti-LGBTQ alliance is growing, as conservative politicians roll back on LGBTQ rights

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When Polish President Andrzej Duda won re-election for another five year term on July 13th, an internal groan echoed in many parts of the world. That is because Duda, a conservative from the Law and Justice Party (PiS), had used homophobia as a tool for his re-election. During his campaign, he voiced anti-LGBTQ rhetoric, including vowing to create “gay-free zones”, ban same-sex couples from adopting, and compared “LGBT ideology” to a form of brainwashing, and accusing LGBT people to be pedophiles.

The fact that Duda is now the leader of Poland for the next five years may make any LGBTQ…

The origin of that selfie challenge is serious, and it’s linked to something all women need to be aware of.

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Last Monday, I was at home on my couch, working on lesson plans for the coming fall semester at the colleges where I teach. Next to me was my iPhone, which lit up suddenly around 4 pm.

Glancing over, I saw it was an Instagram message from an old co-worker who I chat with now and then. I was curious to see why she sent me a message via Instagram, and even more so when I realized that it was a group message.

When I checked to see what was up, I got the message so many other women around…

Protests Between the Two Sides Fell into Chaos and Violence Sunday

When Bay Ridge activist Genna Goldsobel arrived to help with the Black Lves Matter counter-protest towards Back the Blue rally in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn on Saturday, July 11th, she didn’t have many expectations of what would occur. The event was marketed as a rally to thank the NYPD, and Goldsobel expected a lot of folks there with American flags and Blue Lives Matter signs.

Hundreds has turned up for the rally, including about 300 who had arrived from Staten Island. In attendance was Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis, who is running for Congress. …

People with mental illness need help and compassion, not to be the butt of jokes or source of laughter.

When Kanye West announced on July 3rd that he was running for president, there was a collective groan on one end, and loud laughter on the other.

In the days that followed, the laughter and mockery increased, especially when West gave an interview to Forbes magazine this past Tuesday, in which Forbes says went the West on for “four rambling hours” about his campaign and what he would do if elected. …

Amazed to see Islanders speak out against police brutality, activists also hope they continue to do so wisely

When Jasmine Robinson first learned about the death of George Floyd by Minneapolis cop, Derek Chauvin, she had flashbacks of when Eric Garner was killed on Staten Island by a NYC police officer in July 2014. Like Floyd, Garner died saying, “I can’t breathe”.

“I cried like many other folks,” says Robinson, who lives on the North Shore. “In 2020, we are still being abused and victimized. It just hits us like a ton of bricks. Why is this happening again?”

Photo by Cooper Baumgartner on Unsplash

An activist who ran in 2018 for State Senate, Robinson was friends with Eric Garner and his family. She…

For the second night in a row, the George Floyd protests in Bay Ridge go peacefully

As protests against police brutality towards Black people continued this past weekend throughout the country, some of them were turning violent. So when notices began to spread on social media that another protest was going to take place in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn Sunday night, there was some curiosity and concern. Bay Ridge had not seen too many protests regarding the death of George Floyd, and the many others before him.

But then came word that the notices were either fake or a hoax. Some Bay Ridge residents wondered on local Facebook groups if these protests were being set up by…

Wednesday saw the announcement many saw coming, but some hoped wouldn’t.

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DISCLAIMER: This was originally written in April 2020, before the allegations against Joe Biden were found to be false. The author no longer supports the allegations, and therefore, does not stand by what she wrote here.

Wednesday saw the announcement many saw coming, but some hoped wouldn’t.

Bernie Sanders, the longtime supporter of socialist policies who seemed to be a beacon of hope for many younger Americans, withdrew his candidacy for the Democratic ticket for this year’s presidential election. …

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