No, really — who or what are you complaining about?

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Which is Which?

A global anti-LGBTQ alliance is growing, as conservative politicians roll back on LGBTQ rights

Creator: Fot. Jakub Orzechowski / Agencja Gazeta — Copyright: foto-lublin

The origin of that selfie challenge is serious, and it’s linked to something all women need to be aware of.

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Protests Between the Two Sides Fell into Chaos and Violence Sunday

People with mental illness need help and compassion, not to be the butt of jokes or source of laughter.

Amazed to see Islanders speak out against police brutality, activists also hope they continue to do so wisely

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For the second night in a row, the George Floyd protests in Bay Ridge go peacefully

Wednesday saw the announcement many saw coming, but some hoped wouldn’t.

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